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Best Face/Ulzzang [All Ethnicities Welcome]
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Q U E S T I O N S / C O M M E N T S + A F F I L I A T E + P R O F I L E
.What can be posted? Icons, introductions, fashion tips, and pictures. Underground (unknown) ulzzangs are welcome, meaning if you think you have that ulzzang (best face) look then post a picture of yourself. If it's your first time posting a picture of yourself, then introduce yourself as well. If your post does not show up in 2 days, then that either means I didn't see it yet, it didn't fit the community theme, or your picture didn't quite fit the ulzzang concept. NOW! That does not mean you are ugly!! Everyone can look like an ulzzang if they really try to. ^^

.Rules 1. No hate, creepy comments, spam, or bashing.
2. If you are posting multiple pictures in a post, then please only have 1 preview picture above lj-cut. Put the rest below.
3. For icon posts, you may post 3 preview icons and a link to your post.
4. This community is moderated.
5. Please do not post the same post more then once. It will be deleted.
6. Include your race somewhere in your introduction post.
7. Don't bother tagging your posts because I will do that for you.
8. Add the proper title to your posts. [EXAMPLES]
9. If you want to advertise your ulzzang related community, please post a request in the affiliates page.
10. No nudity! No annoying myspace styled picture! No ab shots! No boob focused shots! No slutty pictures!
11. Sale listings are allowed. If you are selling clothes, circle lenses, or make-up then you can post about it here. Just make sure to follow the same rules when posting multiple pictures (meaning 1 preview image).
12. If you are not sure what to post then go to the What can be Posted? above.
13. Any questions, then go to the questions/comments page.

.About An ulzzang is usually used to describe a Korean who has a very unique and beautiful face, but at this community any race is welcome. Not only Asians, but African Americans, Indians, Hispanics, anyone who has the ulzzang potential or feel to their photos can post their selcas here. However, if your photo is not published then that just means your photo didn't fit the ulzzang concept. This community was inspired by underground-ulzzangs.tumblr.